Gigs At Home

The World's First Vibe Streaming Service
When you’re at a gig, the audience is part of the show. And the same goes for Gigs at Home. You can interact with the band and other gig-goers. Or, if you’re drinking whiskey in your underpants, just switch off your camera and watch. It’s up to you.

Quick Turn-Around

This start-up needed an agile agency able to deliver full identity, branding guidelines, tone of voice, social templates and a skeleton website delivered within a month.

Tone of Voice / Attitude with Heart

While we’d never describe ourselves as edgy – that would be uncool – we do speak our mind and we’re not afraid to take risks. But we’re never arrogant or condescending. We love the artists we work with, and like and respect our audience.


We combine the DIY ethos of punk with a somewhat geeky obsession with audio, video and digital technology.

Collaborative Trail-Blazers

We’re pioneers, but not solo-artists.  We work closely with artists, venues, sound technicians and film-makers. We also rely on the audience to get involved and participate.

Professional Dreamers

Live music is a beautiful thing. And we plan to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Which would be beautiful too. But we’re only going to pull it off by working like, and with, real pros.