Who We Are


Anita – Personal Assistant

Your first point of contact dealing with correspondence and phone calls. She is managing our diaries and organising all meetings and appointments. If Anita hasn’t planned it, it’s simply not happening.

Fun facts about me: I am a Coffeeholic. I once had 9 coffees in a single day.

Danni – Recruiting

Performing in-person and phone interviews with candidates for positions at RBK or for one of our clients.

Fun facts about me: I have worked in teaching for over 10 years. Children will teach you everything you need to know about life. Also I am an expert on toothpaste.

Joe – Analytics/Marketing/Consulting

Get the data. Understand it. Act on it. Numbers don’t lie. He will help our customers break down complex website issues into tangible tasks. Great eye for detail with the big picture always in mind.

Fun facts about me: Reached the southernmost city in the world when travelling South America. I’ve already lived in 4 different countries and soon moving to number five. Also, I’m not vegan.

Jeanine – Social/Photography (Contractor)

Schedules, posts and monitors social media for our clients. Also organizes photo shoots.

Fun facts about me: I once swam with over 30 sharks. Just a typical afternoon pastime in South Africa.

Chiara – SEO/Creatives

Writing unique copy optimised to perform well in Google’s ever-changing search algorithm. Also Chiara’s a wizard when it comes to handling Adobe’s creative software.

Fun facts about me: I have a terrible fear of heights. During summer I get freckles on my knees. Also I’m German – funny isn’t it?






Si – Art Direction

A true artist. Simon is an award-winning conceptual Art Director with over 25 years’ experience on effective 360 campaigns, digital, door drops, inserts, DM, sales promotion, press, outdoor, TV, cinema, corporate identity, rebranding, brand guidelines, brochures, even locker doors. We are just happy to have him.






Beck – CEO

Captain of the ship. Started RBK 5 years ago with the idea of helping local businesses transition into the online space. What is my brand, what is it lacking and how can I strategically set it up for success? Beck will tell you. With candour and always to the point.

Fun facts about me: I love ale and crazy hair dos. I had a car older than me; it got assassinated. One of my life goals is to travel a different country for every year of my life. So far I’m one country behind schedule.